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All About Ground Tackle

The term “ground tackle” loosely refers to everything that keeps your boat stationary, from the connection of the tackle chain to your boat, to your boat’s anchor. Let’s take a look at a handful of useful information regarding the ground tackle of your boat.

Scope and Catenary

The scope is best described as a comparison between the depth of the water and the length of the anchor line. This comparison is often described in a ratio. If the water you’re stationed in is fifteen feet deep and your anchor line extends 30 feet, the scope is 2 to 1.

The catenary, or the curve of the anchor part that cuts into the ground, is an important part of the ground tackle system.

Types of Ground Tackle

The first form of ground tackle is known as “All-chain”. This form of ground tackle is often found on larger boats, such as motorized yachts. While it’s a heavy form of ground tackle, it’s safe to use and quite efficient.

Another type of ground tackle is known as “All-rode”. This form of ground tackle is primarily used for smaller boats. The line is composed of a flexible and lightweight nylon that’s easy to use and easy to carry on your boat.

There are also combinations of the two forms of ground tackle mentioned above, which can be present on boats based on the boat’s weight and size.

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The size of the ground tackle your boat requires can be determined by the size, dimensions, and weight of your boat. There are several calculations that are easy to use, which can make choosing the perfect ground tackle easy.

Ground tackle is an important part of keeping your boat in place, which may be necessary based on your marine activities, for emergencies, and for other things. Ground tackle comes in several sizes, forms, and weights, and can vary based on the type of boat you own.