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Boat Propeller Maintenance

Often overlooked, a boat propeller is quite an important asset to your boat’s performance. Spinning away tirelessly for hours on end, your propeller is responsible for a lot. With great responsibility comes great damage potential, at least as far as watercraft are concerned, which is why maintaining your boat’s propeller is of utmost importance. Below, we’ll have a look at several important ways to ensure you properly maintain your boat’s propeller!

Inspect Before You Cruise

It’s important to take a look at your boat’s propeller before every trip, in order to inspect for dents and other damages. A damaged propeller will mean less performance from your boat, somethings that’s hazardous to both your boat and its occupants.

Check for Fishing Line

Fishing line is not only commonly discarded by fishermen – it’s also very damaging, physically, to your boat’s propeller. We’d recommend checking your boat’s propeller several times during the season, for fishing line that’s gotten tangled in the propeller and the seal that sits on top of your boat’s gearcase. If the fishing line stays stuck for too long of a time, it can substantially wear down components around the propeller that prevent water from entering your boat’s gearcase.


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Keep The Propeller Rinsed

If you boat in environments where the water isn’t quality freshwater, you’ll want to rinse the propeller of your boat off, after every time you use it. Residue from toxic water and saltwater can accumulate over time on your boat’s propeller, causing rust, amongst other things.

Your boat’s propeller is quite important to your boat’s performance in the water. While it may be one of the simpler parts of your boat, it needs to be properly maintained. Doing so will ensure that both the propeller and the parts around it function properly and keep your boat properly powered.