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Caring for Your Boat Batteries

The batteries of your watercraft are extremely important. As with many things when we’re talking about boating, the price rises with the importance. Batteries are no exception to this – proper maintenance is a crucial part of avoiding costly repairs and battery replacements. Let’s take a look at several things you can do to avoid costly replacements and battery repairs. Proper battery care is crucial!

When it comes to marine batteries, they’re filled with lead acid. While this doesn’t happen often, the acid can sometimes leak out to the exterior of the battery, damaging equipment around it as well as the metal connections to the battery itself. It’s necessary, because of this, to clean the exterior terminals of the battery every now and then. You can clean them with a toothbrush using a solution made from baking soda, which will de-acidify potential lead leaks.

If you don’t have a boot on the connection ports of your battery, it’s time to get one! A battery boot is a piece of rubber that protects and shelters the metal connection of the battery. If a boot isn’t present in this area, your battery may spark and cause damage to adjacent equipment.

boat maintenance

Occasionally checking the tightness of the entire battery is an important part of maintenance. If a battery isn’t grounded properly it could spell disaster for parts of your boat that lie around it. The battery should come with a stock fitting that keeps it from moving. In the case that it doesn’t, it’s imperative to make sure you’re checking it for looseness!

Your boat’s battery is an incredibly important piece of boating equipment. Don’t forgo anything when it comes to keeping up with it. The above tips are helpful measures to take, in order to ensure the longevity, efficiency, and safety of your battery.