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Caring for Your Boat’s Fresh Water System

Your boat’s freshwater system is particularly important, especially if you primarily take your boat out into the ocean! From the toilet to your bilge water, water plays an important part in your boat’s life, on the inside and outside of it. Below, we’ll look at several steps you’ll want to take to ensure your boat’s water systems are running up to par.


It’s important to check the condensation trays of your air conditioning system occasionally, in order to check for an excess of condensation build up. This build up, if not tended to, can cause a foul smell to circulate throughout your boat over time.


The bilge collects a lot of water over time, and thus must be carefully inspected and maintained. It’s important to make sure that all parts of the bilge are operating smoothly and that excess water from the sea isn’t backlogging this crucial part of your boat.

boat maintenance

Water Pathways

From the drain pipes of your sink to your bilge pumps, it’s important to know what water drainage pathways need to be maintained, as well as how frequently they need to be inspected. Certain pathways need to be disassembled to properly clean or inspect. Knowing what pathways you’ll need to clean ahead of time as well as how often you need to clean them will allow you to plan.

Blackwater Holding Tank

It’s last on this list and certainly last on everyone’s minds, but the holding tank needs to be routinely de-fumed and maintained. In humid environments such as this, it’s easy for bacteria to grow and expand. Odors need to be controlled with an environmentally-friendly freshener solution.

The freshwater systems of your boat are quite extensive and require a hefty amount of maintenance and care. Knowing the ins and outs of each component will save you time and allow you to plan a proper cleaning/maintenance schedule.