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Getting Your Safety Gear Ready for Spring

When you first take your boat out of winter storage, it’s easy to instantly focus on things such as its engine and its other internal compartments. Another important thing you’ll want to check for, upon re-introducing your boat to the marine world, is that your boat is adequately supplied with the gear it needs to keep its occupants safe.

Life Jackets

While boats are becoming more advanced by the day, it’s still incredibly important to keep life jackets readily available. You never know what could happen out on the water, and you never want to be unprepared.

As the season progresses, you’ll also want to make sure that your boat has lifejackets that can accommodate for larger or smaller individuals, as well as the appropriate number of lifejackets for everyone on board your boat.


You probably feel like you know your boat better than anyone could know it. Sometimes, however, we miss certain things, which is why getting your boat inspected for safety by organizations such as the US Coast Guard is a handy and safe measure to take.

Getting an inspection like this can keep you up to date on any repairs you might need to make, in order to ensure your voyage is a safe one.

boat maintenance

Fire Safety

You, as the captain of your vessel, need to know how to effectively deal with fires that may occur on board your boat. One way you can do this is by knowing where your fire extinguishers are located at, and adequately keeping your boat equipped with the appropriate amount of fire extinguishers. It also helps to keep your extinguishers in a place that’s easily accessible by anyone who knows how to use them.

Safety is crucial to success, and your boat should be inspected for optimal safety, before you take it out for the spring season. Taking the above steps will ensure the safety of both you and your boat’s passengers.