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Maintaining Your Boat Immediately After Using it

Properly taking care of your boat doesn’t only involve maintaining certain parts of it periodically – it also involves taking care of certain tasks, after every outing on the water. Take note of the information below, which details things you’ll want to do to your boat after every outing you take!

Flush Your Engine

Water can be devastating to your boat’s engine, even if your boat sits on top of the water all day. Flushing your engine after every outing is a great, preventative measure that you can take to ensure that no water builds up in your boat’s engine.

Burn Fuel

Let your engine run out of fuel; excess fuel left sitting in your engine can corrode it and lead to the buildup of harmful contaminants. This can be done by disconnecting the fuel lines from the engine and letting the engine run. While you disconnect the fuel lines, it’s a good idea to check for rust on the fuel lines themselves, while making sure the fuel line clamps aren’t worn down.


Make sure to check the propeller of your boat after every outing. Debris that gets caught in your boat’s propeller can be incredibly damaging to it over time.

boat maintenance

Fuel Tanks

It’s important to keep all parts of your boat clean, especially your fuel tank. If you don’t inspect and clean your fuel tank after every trip you take, you risk degraded performance from your boat over time. This is due to chemicals in boat fuel that can be corrosive after sitting.

It’s easy to think that the bulk of boat maintenance is done when you’re winterizing and getting your boat ready for the spring season. This is hardly the case, however; routine checkups should be performed after every outing you take your boat on, to ensure it performs at its best the next time around!