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Maintaining Your Boat’s Holding Tank

Keeping your boat’s water holding tank clean is an absolute necessity. If the holding tank isn’t properly cleaned and maintained, grime and other forms of buildup can occur at the detriment of the tank. You don’t want to damage your boat’s water holding tank – repairs are both lengthy, expensive, and disgusting. If you have a boat that frequently accommodates a lot of people, keeping your holding tank cleaned to the best of your ability is a sanitary priority. Take note of the tips mentioned below so you can keep your boat’s holding tank in the best functional shape!

Add Laundry Detergent and Water Softener to Get Rid of Scum

Both waste and toilet water like to cling to the sides of the holding tank. It’s imperative that you periodically add a solution of water softener and laundry detergent to the holding tank directly, in order to loosen up the debris from the walls of the holding tank.

Bleach When Necessary

Keeping your boat’s holding tank free from bacteria is great for both your boat and its passengers. Periodically dumping a gallon of bleach into the holding tank is a great way to disinfect and sanitize your boat’s holding tank. This can also prevent the formation of future bacteria in your boat’s holding tank that might be detrimental to its performance.

Be Mindful of Odors

Odors that make their way to areas they shouldn’t be are indicative of problems with your boat’s holding tank and septic systems. Don’t ignore these issues; casting them aside can spell future disaster for your crew and your boat’s septic system. Who wants to boat with unpleasant smells, anyway?

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Keeping your black water holding tank clean can prevent costly grime buildup from occurring. It can also keep the occupants of your boat happy. Nobody wants to embark on a marine adventure with a nauseating smell in the background!