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Maintaining Living Quarters of Your Boat

While the outside and internal components of your boat need to be checked to ensure the quality performance of your boat, the internal parts of your boat’s cabin and living quarters need to be routinely maintained, in order to preserve the sanity of yourself and your crew. From your cabin’s refrigerator to your toilet, the list of things you need to do to keep up with your boat’s living quarters is long, to say the least. Let’s take a look at several important things you need to keep an eye on, so you can stay on top of your living space!

Holding Tank

While this is probably the last thing on most people’s list, your holding tank is one of the most important things to routinely maintain. Apart from dumping the sludge at proper sites, keeping the lining of the tank free of debris and other residue can really benefit it. A good way to do this is by pouring a solution of water softener and laundry detergent down into it, which will break up any hard remains that may have stuck to the lining of the holding tank.


Set up dehumidifiers, strategically, throughout your boat’s living quarters. Dehumidifying your boat’s cabin and living quarters is an essential part of maintenance – humidity can destroy surfaces, seals, paints, and much more!

boat maintenance

Don’t Leave Liquids

This applies when the temperature starts to cool.

Keep A/C Catch Trays Clean

Many A/C systems on boats have catch trays that catch condensation that’s produced by the system. If you keep these catch trays clean, you’ll prevent any residue from building up which can eventually cause a foul odor to build up and cycle through your A/C system.

The living quarters are just as important as the internal and external components of your boat. Keeping them clean is important for your boat’s long-term cleanliness and for the enjoyment of your boat’s occupants or crew members.