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How to Prepare Your Propeller for the Spring

Getting your boat ready for the winter season isn’t the only seasonal preparation you’ll need to do for your boat; getting your boat ready for the spring season is just as important! While there are many things to do when you prepare for your first outing of the season, we’re going to focus on the various things you can do to ensure your propeller is functioning as well as it can function when you first take to the open water!

Check for Damage, Debris, and Wear

All three of these things can harm both your propeller and your boat’s ability to smoothly operate. If debris is caught in your propeller and left over time, it can wear down your propeller and eventually destroy it or any parts it connects to. Dents and dings in your propeller can impact your propeller’s power and performance, as can general wear. It’s best to make sure none of these things are present on your propeller before you take your boat out for the spring season!

Make Sure the Propeller is Secured

A secure connection is a safe connection – keeping your propeller properly secured to its mount is crucial to a safe and successful boat outing. Make sure you check the propeller’s connection before you take your boat out.

Test it

Giving the propeller a quick test never hurts – it can help to see that it spins effectively before you decide to take it out!

boat maintenance

Often overlooked, the propeller of your boat is quite important. It’s an important part to check after your boat’s been stored for the winter. While preparing your boat for the winter storing season is a crucial part of boat maintenance, checking it before spring outings is equally as important. Keep these things in mind as you make sure that your boat propeller is good shape.