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Are you looking to secure a loan so that you can finally get the boat that you have always wanted? Did you know that you can get a maritime financing from Capital One? Capital One is among the top ten banks in the nation. It has expertise and experience in the financing industry. Capital One Maritime Lending Group was established to help you with all your financial needs. The group consists of a team of experts who have knowledge and experience. They have worked in the industry for many years. The headquarters of the lending group is in New Orleans near the Mississippi River. They are close to the Intracoastal Canal, the shipyards at the Gulf Coast, and the natural gas fields that are in the Gulf of Mexico. They are close to the people that they serve meaning that they can understand their needs and serve them better. Their location allows them to stay on top of the trends in the maritime industry and how they affect their prospective clients. They offer rates that are fair since they understand the position of the customer.

The group provides financing for a broad range of maritime assets. These assets include push boats, tank barges, offshore support vessels, and shipping vessels. These assets are used in the oil and gas industry and the cargo industry. Capital One will work with you to find the best loan structure and type of financing that is most appropriate for your business. They handle transactions between 3 million dollars to more than a hundred million dollars. This allows them to serve the needs of a variety of clients with different needs. They can do the work easily. The bank might be the best choice for you because you are sure that they can serve you.

Their services include lines of credit, term loans, finance leases, and ABL facilities. You can choose to get the boat on a lease and finance it with a loan. A term loan is a normal cash loan which you are supposed to pay regularly for a certain period. An ABL facility is an asset-based-lending loan that is secured by an asset. This could be inventory or receivable accounts. The loan is paid as the asset is converted to cash. This happens as the company grows. This is an excellent program if you expect that the company will grow and hope that it will be able to go through the entire inventory. It establishes good will between the bank and the client. The client does not have to worry about the loan but has to make sure that the business does well.

A line of credit is a certain amount of credit that the bank extends to the borrower. The line of credit is maintained by the borrower and is at the borrower’s discretion. The borrower can only access as much as the limit allows. This offering is perfect for businesses that are just starting out and there might be unforeseen expenses in the future. It is also useful for companies that are growing and have not set everything up.

Capital One has some additional banking solutions apart from the financial options that it provides. These solutions are offered to help the clients run their companies better so they can focus on generating revenue. Institutional Asset Management is a team of consultants who will collaborate with the customer to come up with ways to achieve financial targets. Treasury Management is available for customers to offer the means to utilizing working capital and to improve the efficiency of the operations that are conducted.

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