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How Much Is a Boat Ride in Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches, exciting attractions, and vibrant nightlife. One of the best ways to explore the stunning coastline and enjoy the oceanic wonders is by taking a boat ride. Whether you’re interested in sightseeing, fishing, or simply enjoying a relaxing cruise, Myrtle Beach offers a variety of boat ride options to suit every budget and preference. In this article, we will explore the cost of boat rides in Myrtle Beach and answer some frequently asked questions to help you plan your perfect maritime adventure.

Boat rides in Myrtle Beach come in different shapes and sizes, catering to a wide range of interests and budgets. The prices can vary depending on factors such as the duration of the ride, the type of boat, and the services included. Here are some popular boat ride options and their approximate costs:

1. Dolphin Cruises: Dolphin cruises are a favorite among visitors as they offer an opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Prices for dolphin cruises typically range from $20 to $35 per person for a one to two-hour excursion.

2. Fishing Charters: Myrtle Beach is renowned for its excellent fishing opportunities. Fishing charters, which provide all the necessary equipment and guidance, are available at various price points. Half-day charters usually start around $350 and can go up to $800 for a full-day trip, depending on the number of passengers and the type of fishing.

3. Sunset Cruises: If you’re looking for a romantic experience or a peaceful way to unwind, sunset cruises are a perfect choice. These cruises typically last for two hours and cost around $25 to $40 per person.

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4. Jet Ski Tours: For those seeking an adrenaline rush, jet ski tours are an excellent option. Prices for jet ski tours range from $75 to $150 per hour, depending on the duration and the number of people sharing a jet ski.

5. Private Boat Rentals: If you prefer a more personalized experience, you can rent a private boat. Prices for private boat rentals vary widely depending on the boat size, duration, and additional services. On average, you can expect to pay around $300 to $500 for a half-day rental.


Q: Are there any age restrictions for boat rides in Myrtle Beach?
A: Age restrictions may vary depending on the type of boat ride. Some cruises may have minimum age requirements, particularly for activities like jet skiing. It’s best to check with the tour operator beforehand.

Q: Do boat ride prices include taxes and gratuity?
A: Taxes and gratuity are not always included in the price of boat rides. It’s important to clarify with the tour operator if there are any additional charges.

Q: Can I bring food and drinks on board?
A: Policies regarding outside food and drinks vary among boat rides. Some cruises may have restrictions on bringing your own refreshments, while others may offer onboard dining options.

Q: Are life jackets provided?
A: Safety is a top priority, and life jackets are typically provided on all boat rides. However, it’s advisable to confirm with the tour operator in advance.

Q: Are boat rides canceled in case of bad weather?
A: Boat rides may be canceled or rescheduled in case of severe weather conditions. It is recommended to contact the tour operator for updates if you have concerns about the weather.

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In conclusion, boat rides in Myrtle Beach offer a fantastic way to experience the beauty of the coastline and enjoy various activities. Prices for boat rides vary depending on the type of experience you choose, ranging from dolphin cruises to fishing charters, jet ski tours, sunset cruises, and private boat rentals. Make sure to check age restrictions, inquire about additional charges, and clarify safety measures with the tour operator before embarking on your oceanic adventure. With the abundance of options available, there is a boat ride in Myrtle Beach to suit everyone’s preferences and budget.