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How Much Is the Car Boat Ride at Disney Springs?

Disney Springs, formerly known as Downtown Disney, is a vibrant and bustling entertainment complex located in the heart of Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. With its wide array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, Disney Springs offers something for everyone. One of the unique experiences available at Disney Springs is the Car Boat Ride, a classic attraction that takes guests on a nostalgic journey around Lake Buena Vista. In this article, we will explore how much the Car Boat Ride costs and provide answers to frequently asked questions.

The Car Boat Ride is a popular attraction at Disney Springs that allows guests to experience the magic of a vintage amphicar. These amphibious vehicles were first introduced in the 1960s and have since become an iconic symbol of innovation and adventure. The Car Boat Ride offers guests the opportunity to cruise along the picturesque Sassagoula River and explore the beauty of Lake Buena Vista in a one-of-a-kind vehicle.

Now, let’s delve into the pricing details. As of 2021, the cost for a Car Boat Ride at Disney Springs is $125 per vehicle. Each vehicle can accommodate up to three guests, making it a great option for couples, families, or small groups. The price may seem steep at first, but the unique experience and the rarity of riding in an amphicar make it well worth the investment.

The Car Boat Ride at Disney Springs lasts approximately 20 minutes, providing ample time to soak in the stunning views and snap some memorable photos. During the ride, a knowledgeable captain will guide guests through the waterways, providing interesting facts and anecdotes about the area’s history and landmarks. Whether you’re a Disney enthusiast or simply seeking a fun and unique experience, the Car Boat Ride is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I make a reservation for the Car Boat Ride at Disney Springs?
A: Reservations can be made by calling (407) 824-2833. It is recommended to book in advance, as availability may be limited.

Q: Are there any age restrictions for the Car Boat Ride?
A: Guests of all ages are welcome to enjoy the Car Boat Ride. However, children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Q: Is the Car Boat Ride wheelchair accessible?
A: Unfortunately, the Car Boat Ride is not wheelchair accessible due to the design of the amphicars. Disney Springs offers a variety of other accessible attractions and experiences.

Q: Can I drive the amphicar myself?
A: No, the Car Boat Ride is a guided experience. A skilled captain will navigate the vehicle, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey for all passengers.

Q: Are life jackets provided during the ride?
A: Yes, life jackets are provided for all guests and must be worn during the Car Boat Ride.

Q: Is the Car Boat Ride included in the Disney Park tickets or passes?
A: No, the Car Boat Ride is a separate experience and is not included in Disney Park tickets or passes. The cost for the ride is $125 per vehicle.

In conclusion, the Car Boat Ride at Disney Springs offers a unique and memorable experience for guests of all ages. With its vintage amphicars and scenic waterways, this attraction provides a glimpse into a bygone era of adventure and innovation. While the price may be higher compared to other experiences, the opportunity to ride in an amphibious vehicle and explore the beauty of Lake Buena Vista is truly priceless. So, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure during your visit to Disney Springs, be sure to consider the Car Boat Ride.

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