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How to Get a Boat in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact, the popular open-world action role-playing game developed by miHoYo, offers players a vast and immersive world to explore. With the introduction of the Inazuma region, players are now eager to know how to obtain a boat to navigate the waters and uncover new secrets. In this article, we will guide you through the process of obtaining a boat in Genshin Impact and answer some frequently asked questions.

Obtaining a Boat:

1. Reach Adventure Rank 30:
Before you can obtain a boat in Genshin Impact, you need to reach Adventure Rank 30. Adventure Rank is a measure of your progress in the game and is obtained by completing quests, exploring the world, and defeating enemies. As you level up your Adventure Rank, new areas and features will unlock, eventually leading you to the boat.

2. Complete the “Exploding Population” Archon Quest:
Once you reach Adventure Rank 30, you will gain access to the “Exploding Population” Archon Quest. This quest takes you to the Inazuma region, where you will encounter the Electro Archon, Raiden Shogun. Completing this quest is crucial as it will introduce you to the concept of boats and set you on the path to obtaining one.

3. Build the Serenitea Pot:
After completing the “Exploding Population” Archon Quest, the next step is to build the Serenitea Pot. This is a feature added in version 1.5 of Genshin Impact and serves as your personal realm where you can customize and decorate your own living space. Building the Serenitea Pot requires a certain amount of resources, so make sure to gather them before proceeding.

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4. Complete A Teapot to Call Home Quest:
Once you have built the Serenitea Pot, you will need to complete the “A Teapot to Call Home” quest. This quest will guide you through the basics of the Serenitea Pot and introduce you to Tubby, the caretaker of your realm. By completing this quest, you will unlock the ability to craft the boat.

5. Craft the Waverider Boat:
After completing the “A Teapot to Call Home” quest, you can now craft the Waverider Boat in your Serenitea Pot. To do this, interact with the crafting bench and select the boat icon. Crafting the boat requires a combination of resources, including materials obtained from exploring the Inazuma region. Once the boat is crafted, it will be available for use in the waters surrounding the Serenitea Pot.


Q1: Can I use the boat outside of the Serenitea Pot?
A1: No, currently, the boat can only be used within the waters surrounding the Serenitea Pot. It cannot be taken to other regions or used for exploration outside of your personal realm.

Q2: Can I invite friends to join me on my boat?
A2: Yes, you can invite friends to your Serenitea Pot and allow them to join you on your boat. This adds a social element to the boat feature, allowing you to enjoy the experience with your friends.

Q3: Can the boat be customized?
A3: At the moment, the boat cannot be customized. Its appearance and functionality are predetermined. However, miHoYo has hinted at the possibility of boat customization in future updates.

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Q4: Can the boat be used for combat?
A4: No, the boat is purely for transportation purposes and cannot be used for combat. You will need to rely on your characters and their abilities to engage in combat situations.

Q5: Are there any plans to expand boat functionality in the game?
A5: miHoYo has a history of regularly updating Genshin Impact with new features and content. It is possible that they may expand the functionality of the boat in future updates, introducing new activities or areas to explore.

In conclusion, obtaining a boat in Genshin Impact requires reaching Adventure Rank 30, completing specific quests, building the Serenitea Pot, and crafting the Waverider Boat. While the boat currently has limited functionality, it adds a new dimension to the game and provides players with an exciting way to explore their personal realm. Keep an eye out for future updates that may expand the boat’s capabilities and offer new adventures on the open seas of Teyvat.