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How to Pack a Cone So It Doesn’t Canoe

If you enjoy smoking cones, you know how frustrating it can be when your cone starts to canoe. Canoeing occurs when one side of the cone burns faster than the other, creating an uneven burn and wasting your precious herb. However, with a few simple techniques and proper packing, you can avoid this problem and enjoy a smooth and even burn every time. In this article, we will guide you through the process of packing a cone to prevent canoeing and provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Packing a cone properly is crucial to ensure an even burn. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve a perfectly packed cone:

1. Choose the Right Cone: Start by selecting a high-quality cone that suits your preferences. Opt for papers that are made from thin, slow-burning materials to promote an even burn. There are various sizes available, so choose one that suits your smoking needs.

2. Grind Your Herb: Use a grinder to break down your herb into small, evenly sized pieces. This will ensure an even burn and prevent any blockages in the cone.

3. Create a Filter: Many cones come with a pre-rolled filter, but if yours doesn’t, you can create one using a small piece of thin cardboard or a pre-made filter tip. Roll it tightly and place it at the bottom of the cone. This will prevent any herb from falling out and act as a barrier to avoid canoeing.

4. Pack the Cone: Hold the cone upright and gently tap the bottom to settle the filter in place. Start filling the cone with your ground herb, making sure not to pack it too tightly. Use a small tool, like a pencil or a packing tool, to gently push the herb down and create an even layer. Repeat this process until the cone is filled to your desired level.

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5. Twist the End: Once your cone is packed, twist the open end to seal it. This will ensure that the herb stays in place during smoking and prevent any canoeing from occurring.

6. Light It Up: Hold the twisted end of the cone and carefully apply heat to the open end. Rotate the cone as you light it to ensure an even burn. Take slow, steady draws to enjoy a smooth smoking experience.


Q: Why does a cone canoe?

A: Canoeing occurs when one side of the cone burns faster than the other. This can happen due to uneven packing, improper airflow, or low-quality cones. It can also be influenced by the moisture content of the herb.

Q: How can I prevent canoeing?

A: Proper packing is key to preventing canoeing. Make sure to grind your herb evenly, create a filter at the bottom of the cone, and pack it gently and evenly. Twisting the end of the cone tightly can also help prevent canoeing.

Q: What if my cone still canoes?

A: If your cone starts to canoe despite your best efforts, there are a few things you can try. Use a lighter to relight the slower-burning side to even out the burn. You can also gently tap the cone to redistribute the herb and promote an even burn.

Q: Are there any alternatives to cones?

A: Yes, if you consistently struggle with canoeing, you may consider using a glass pipe or a bong. These methods provide a more controlled smoking experience and can help avoid canoeing altogether.

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In conclusion, packing a cone properly is essential to prevent canoeing and enjoy a smooth smoking experience. By following the steps outlined above and using high-quality cones, you can avoid uneven burns and waste less herb. Remember to take your time, pack the cone gently, and twist the end tightly. Happy smoking!