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LightStream is the premier online consumer lender in the country. It is an online consumer lending division of Sun Trust Bank. The company provides competitive interest rates that cater all boating needs of its customers. The company offers a boat rate table that the clients can use to determine the range of their payment. LightStream has come up with an innovative online loan experience that is hassle-free and rewards you for your well-deserved good credit. All credit applications are filed, submitted, and reviewed online. The company also emails its customers a response in a matter of minutes at business hours. Approved applicants can get funds transferred into their bank accounts the very day they make the application. The company does not require a down payment, nor does it have any fees, or prepayment penalties.

LightStream offers its customers the opportunity to own boats which they would not have been able to purchase without a loan. The people who have secured loans at LightStream have come back to report good reviews regarding their experience at the company. They say that the company was amazing to work with and that securing a boat loan there was easy and fast. LightStream offers the efficiency to its customers, unlike other firms where the process of securing a boat loan is long and complicated. Those who have previously worked with the company stated that they would be happy to go back for more transactions with the lending firm. Owning your dream boat has been made possible by LightStream since they have low-interest rates compared with other enterprises. The company accesses your credit worthiness, after which you are approved and receive the requested funds immediately after making your application.

LightStream offers its customers unsecured boat loans. This means you will have the chance to own your boat free from any liens. LightStream also offers loans on the following:

  • Boat Refinancing* (except when Lightstream owned the original loan)
  • RV Refinancing*
  • Boat Repair Financing
  • Timeshare Loan
  • RV loans

LightStream does not require you to have collateral if you have excellent credit. This means that there will be no cumbersome paperwork. The boat loans at LightStream ranges from five thousand dollars to one hundred thousand dollars. Their low fixed interest rates begin from 3.24 percent APR. LightStream does not require its customers to make any down payments of any sort, unlike other lenders who demand a sizable down-payment. LightStream customers have reported that they had an exceptional borrowing experience at the company. The professional team at LightStream knows how to handle clients well. Customers have come back to say that they enjoyed the firm’s customer service.

Previous clients of LightStream say that the firm enabled them to own boats of their dreams without any complications. The company can handle the needs of each customer uniquely depending on their income. The company experts will walk you through the payment plan, the amount of interest you will have to pay, and the monthly installments to pay once you secure a boat loan from LightStream. LightStream has no hidden charges that typically appear with other lending firms. Customers have been able to put their trust on the enterprise. A client who secured a boat loan with LightStream stated that she was honored to work with the company and that she felt at ease while making the application. She said that the process of securing her loan was smooth and stress-free and that the company staff was very kind and understanding.

LightStream is the company for you in case you wish to re-finance your non-Lightstream boat loan. The company will ensure that the process of re-financing your boat loan is easy and fast. The amazing thing with LightStream is that you do not have to go the company physically. You can complete your loan application online. This saves time that you would have spent going to the enterprise. The company has an excellent call center that is open during business hours with an email service that customers can use to communicate with the company in the case of any queries. LightStream has been able to help thousands of clients in acquiring the boats that they have always wanted.

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