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USAA offers boat loans to anyone who wants to purchase one. If your plans for the summer include spending as much time as possible on the water, it’s time to find a boat loan. From sailboats to cruisers to fishing boats, USAA doesn’t discriminate. You can apply for a loan for any of these things. If your credit score meets USAA’s requirements, you’ll be given instant approval to go out and purchase the boat of your dreams in the realm of your approval.

USAA offers loans longer than many other lenders off their boat loans, which is one of the biggest reasons consumers choose to finance with USAA. It’s a simple way to find the boat you want on the terms you want. If you’re interested in a great boat and affordable payments, this is the lender you want to do business with when buying your boat.

Approval with USAA

The best thing you can do is get a preapproval prior to shopping for a boat loan. It’s easy to buy the boat of your dreams when you have this kind of approval, and it’s faster to walk into a dealership with approval and payment in hand already. The application for a boat loan is on the USAA website, and it’s simple. You need to provide the basic personal and financial information required for any loan, and you’ll receive a loan decision in moments.

If you’re uncomfortable filling out an application online you can call USAA to fill out an application over the phone. A loan specialist is there to help you with anything you need, and you’ll walk away with an approval in hand and the terms, rates, and conditions of your loan in hand.

Rates and Terms

USAA likes their customers to know what they’re getting before they apply. Rather than wasting time on an application for approval only to find out you don’t like the terms and rates available and taking a hit to your credit, you can check out the information you need upfront. Then you make the decision to apply for a loan for a boat with USAA.

Interest rates offered by USAA are as low as 5.25%. Depending on your credit score and financial situation, your rate might be higher or it might be on the low end of the offer. This rate is lower than many other lenders offering boat loans to those who want to purchase a recreational vehicle to enjoy when the temperature rises.

USAA offers consumers the opportunity to finance 100% of their boat loan as long as the boat is priced less than $100,000. This means no taxes, fees, title, tag, or any other fees are required out of your pocket when you sign the paperwork for your boat. If your boat is priced at more than $100,000, USAA will only finance 80% of the boat. This requires a substantial down payment.

Boat loans are available for up to 180 months, which means consumers are going to see affordable payments made for a longer period of time. This helps buyers afford more boat for less money, which is something many consumers prefer.

Other Watercraft

If you’re more interested in a different type of watercraft, USAA offers different rates. Jet skis and other personal watercraft are available for financing with the bank, but the terms are different. The lowest APR offered for this type of personal watercraft is 5.99%. If you choose this type of watercraft, you can finance your boat for up to 72 months. Given the lower price tag on these items, it’s competitive and very affordable.

Financing a boat or personal watercraft is exciting. It leaves you waiting impatiently for the summer season to arrive so you can enjoy time on the water. Let USAA help you make summer more enjoyable, and let the bank help you create the kind of memories that last a lifetime. You can’t go wrong with one of the best loan terms in the country on a boat or personal watercraft. Take the time to apply before you shop, and you’ll end up shopping faster and with more purpose.

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