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Making the decision to purchase a boat is simple, but it’s the financing aspect of buying a boat that proves challenging for many. There are many factors considered by lenders when you purchase a new boat, and the overall cost of owning a boat is one of the most important factors. Knowing what you want, how many people you can fit, what you can use your boat for, and whether it works for what you want to do with it are all important considerations. However, none of these considerations are as important as the cost of this boat to your family. Boats have a reputation for being expensive. Many consider boat an acronym for “Bring On Another Thousand” as they require repairs, work, and maintenance regularly.

Don’t let this scare you from purchasing a boat. They’re fun and entertaining, and your family will love spending weekends on the water all summer. Before you make the decision to purchase, become familiar with the boat loans offered by Wells Fargo. They’re among the best in the market, and those who have them are quite happy with what these loans have to offer.

Buy Any Boat

Perhaps the most favored feature of a Wells Fargo boat loan is the lack of limitations. There is no limitation to what you can purchase in terms of watercraft so long as your credit is good enough to afford the price listed. From deck boats to ski boats to jet skis and sailboats, no watercraft is off-limits with a Wells Fargo boat loan. If it goes on the water, it’s an option you may consider when applying for a loan.

The Approval Process

You can apply for a boat loan online or in person, and you’ll receive your preapproval in less than one business day. That’s what makes it easy to purchase a boat with Wells Fargo backing your purchase. All applications are immediately processed and your approval amount, rates, and terms are issued to you within one business day. If you find the boat of your dreams, Wells Fargo wants you to take it home with you immediately rather than wait around with baited breath and the fear someone else might purchase it before you can bring in your approval.

When you take the time to finance your boat through Wells Fargo, you also receive lower rates and better service. Taking in your approval forms as you look at boats makes the entire process simpler and more enjoyable. There’s no waiting around the dealership for approval, dealing with high rates, and limiting yourself to only the lenders the boat dealership partners with.

The Loan Process

Wells Fargo offers customers great perks with their boat loans. Not only do you get the pleasure of one-day approval on any loan you apply for so long as your credit meets the minimum requirements, Wells Fargo also finances watercraft up to 15 years. That’s a long time, and it makes payments more affordable.

Your loan must be at least $2,000, and you aren’t limited to purchasing a brand-new boat. You may purchase a used boat if you choose, and the terms are still flexible and enjoyable. Your payment doesn’t change as rates change, which makes it easy to feel comfortable with your Wells Fargo boat loan.

Financing a boat with Wells Fargo is a simple decision for many. If you take the time to look up loan information from other buyers, you’ll find they’re satisfied with their loan and the process of receiving it. Many consumers feel Wells Fargo offers the best rates in the country, and they offer the most flexible repayment terms. From choosing your due date to signing up for automatic debit to make your payments on time each month, Wells Fargo makes it simple for you to finance the boat of your dreams. Summer is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to find the boat you want and call Wells Fargo for financing. Your approval will come through in one day or less, and you’ll be on your way to the boat dealer with your financing in hand and a boat in your name before the day is over.

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