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What to Name a Boat: A Comprehensive Guide


Choosing a name for your boat is an exciting yet important decision. A boat’s name not only represents its identity but also reflects the owner’s personality and passion for the sea. With countless possibilities, it can be overwhelming to settle on the perfect name. In this article, we will explore various factors to consider when naming your boat and provide guidance to assist you in making this significant choice.

Factors to Consider:

1. Personal Connection: Your boat’s name should hold a personal significance. It could be related to your family, a loved one, a memorable place, or even a favorite quote. This personal touch will make the name meaningful to you and create a stronger bond between you and your vessel.

2. Sea-Related Themes: Many boat owners opt for names that connect to the nautical world. Drawing inspiration from maritime history, mythical creatures, or even the beauty of the ocean itself can result in captivating and fitting names.

3. Easy Pronunciation and Spelling: While it may be tempting to choose a unique or clever name, it is crucial to consider its ease of pronunciation and spelling. A name that is simple and straightforward will be more easily communicated over marine radio and in conversation with fellow boaters.

4. Size of the Boat: The size of your boat can influence the name you choose. A larger vessel may inspire grandeur, while a smaller boat may evoke a sense of adventure or playfulness. Tailoring the name to reflect the boat’s size can add an extra touch of personality.

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5. Superstitions: Boating traditions and superstitions have long been a part of maritime culture. Some owners believe that renaming a boat brings bad luck, while others think it is necessary to appease the gods of the sea. Researching and respecting these superstitions can help you avoid any unintended consequences.


1. Can I change the name of my boat?
While it is possible to change a boat’s name, some sailors believe it is bad luck to do so. However, if you wish to proceed, there are certain rituals you can undertake to ensure a smooth transition. Renaming ceremonies often involve removing the old name from the vessel, cleansing it with saltwater, and christening it with the new name.

2. Are there any restrictions on boat names?
Yes, there are some restrictions on boat names. Obscene, offensive, or politically sensitive names are generally not permitted. Additionally, it is advisable to check with your local maritime authorities for any specific regulations or naming conventions in your area.

3. Can I use a famous boat name?
Using a famous boat name, such as the Titanic or the Black Pearl, may infringe upon copyright laws. It is important to understand the legal implications of using a well-known boat name and seek permission if necessary.

4. Should I choose a serious or humorous boat name?
The choice between a serious or humorous boat name is entirely up to your personal preference. Both options can be equally memorable and enjoyable. Consider your own personality and the atmosphere you wish to create on your boat when making this decision.

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5. How can I involve others in the naming process?
Involving friends, family, or fellow boaters in the naming process can be a fun and inclusive experience. You can hold a naming ceremony, organize a vote, or even host a brainstorming session to gather ideas and opinions. Ultimately, the final decision should be one that resonates with you as the boat’s owner.


Naming your boat is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. By taking into account personal connections, sea-related themes, pronunciation, size, and superstitions, you can choose a name that reflects your love for the sea and resonates with you. Remember, the name you choose will become a part of your boat’s identity and contribute to the joy and memories you create while sailing the open waters.