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Who Buys Old Boat Motors

If you have an old boat motor that is taking up space in your garage or backyard, you may be wondering who would be interested in buying it. Surprisingly, there is a market for old boat motors, and many people are eager to get their hands on them. In this article, we will explore who buys old boat motors and why, as well as answer some frequently asked questions about selling them.

Who Buys Old Boat Motors?

1. Boat Enthusiasts: Boat enthusiasts are always on the lookout for old boat motors to add to their collection. Whether they are interested in restoring vintage boats or simply enjoy tinkering with engines, they see value in old boat motors.

2. Mechanics: Mechanics often buy old boat motors for spare parts. Many boat motors have interchangeable parts, and mechanics can salvage these parts to repair other motors. It is often more cost-effective to buy a used part rather than a brand new one.

3. Scrap Yards: Scrap yards also buy old boat motors. While they may not be interested in the motor itself, they can recycle the metal parts and extract valuable materials. Selling your old boat motor to a scrap yard is a great way to earn some cash while also helping the environment.

4. Boat Repair Shops: Boat repair shops may be interested in purchasing old boat motors, especially if they specialize in restoring vintage boats. They can use these motors to replace damaged ones or as a source of spare parts for their customers.

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5. Online Marketplaces: Online marketplaces, such as eBay or Craigslist, are popular platforms for selling old boat motors. Many boat enthusiasts and mechanics search these platforms regularly in the hope of finding a good deal on a used motor.

Why Do People Buy Old Boat Motors?

1. Cost: One of the main reasons people buy old boat motors is cost-effectiveness. Buying a brand new motor can be quite expensive, especially if you are on a tight budget. By purchasing a used motor, you can save a significant amount of money.

2. Restoration: Many boat enthusiasts enjoy the process of restoring old boats and engines. They see value in preserving the history of these motors and bringing them back to their former glory. Restoring old boat motors can be a rewarding hobby for those who enjoy working with their hands.

3. Spare Parts: Boat motors often have interchangeable parts, which makes them valuable to mechanics and boat repair shops. Buying an old motor for spare parts can be more cost-effective than buying new parts individually.

4. Environmental Consciousness: Buying used boat motors is also an environmentally friendly choice. Instead of letting these motors end up in landfills, people are opting to give them a new life by using or restoring them. This reduces waste and helps to conserve resources.


Q: How do I determine the value of my old boat motor?
A: The value of an old boat motor depends on several factors, including its age, condition, brand, and demand in the market. You can do some research by checking online marketplaces or consulting with experts to get an idea of its value.

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Q: How do I sell my old boat motor?
A: There are several ways to sell your old boat motor. You can list it on online marketplaces, advertise it in local classifieds, or approach boat repair shops or scrap yards directly. Choose the method that suits you best.

Q: Do I need to clean or repair the motor before selling?
A: While it is not necessary to repair the motor before selling, cleaning it can increase its appeal and potentially fetch a higher price. A clean and well-maintained motor is more likely to attract buyers.

Q: What documents do I need to sell my old boat motor?
A: Depending on your location, you may need to provide the buyer with a bill of sale or transfer of ownership document. Check your local regulations to ensure you comply with the necessary paperwork.

In conclusion, there are various individuals and businesses interested in buying old boat motors. Boat enthusiasts, mechanics, scrap yards, and boat repair shops all find value in these motors for different reasons. Selling your old boat motor can not only earn you some extra cash but also contribute to the preservation of these machines and the environment.