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Who Owns Invictus Yacht?

Invictus Yacht is a renowned Italian luxury yacht manufacturer known for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs. Founded in 2016 by Christian Grande, a highly acclaimed yacht designer, Invictus Yacht has quickly gained recognition in the industry for its high-quality vessels.

Invictus Yacht is a part of the Italian shipyard, Cantieri Aschenez, which has been building boats since 1976. Cantieri Aschenez has a long-standing reputation for excellence and is known for its commitment to creating unique and luxurious vessels.

Christian Grande, the founder and CEO of Invictus Yacht, is a visionary designer who has been involved in the yachting industry for over 20 years. His passion for creating exceptional vessels is evident in every aspect of Invictus Yacht’s designs. Grande’s innovative approach to yacht design has earned him numerous accolades and industry recognition.

Invictus Yacht offers a wide range of models, each with its own distinct style and features. From sporty open boats to elegant and luxurious cruisers, Invictus Yacht has a vessel to suit every yachting enthusiast’s preferences. The brand’s attention to detail and commitment to using only the finest materials ensure that each yacht is a true masterpiece.


Q: Where are Invictus Yachts manufactured?

A: Invictus Yachts are manufactured in Italy by Cantieri Aschenez, a well-established shipyard known for its craftsmanship and expertise.

Q: How can I purchase an Invictus Yacht?

A: Invictus Yachts can be purchased through authorized dealerships worldwide. The brand has a global network of dealers who can assist you in selecting and purchasing the right yacht for your needs.

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Q: Can I customize my Invictus Yacht?

A: Yes, Invictus Yachts offer a high level of customization. The brand understands that every customer has unique preferences, and they work closely with clients to create a yacht that reflects their individual style and requirements.

Q: Are Invictus Yachts known for their performance?

A: Yes, Invictus Yachts are known for their exceptional performance on the water. Each vessel is carefully engineered and designed to deliver an exhilarating and comfortable yachting experience.

Q: What sets Invictus Yachts apart from other luxury yacht brands?

A: Invictus Yachts stands out for its innovative designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and attention to detail. The brand’s commitment to creating unique and personalized yachts ensures that each vessel is a true reflection of its owner’s style and preferences.

Q: Are Invictus Yachts suitable for long-distance cruising?

A: Yes, Invictus Yachts are designed for both short trips and long-distance cruising. The brand offers a range of models with various features and amenities to ensure comfort and convenience during extended voyages.

Q: How can I learn more about Invictus Yachts?

A: To learn more about Invictus Yachts, you can visit their official website or contact their authorized dealers for detailed information, brochures, and pricing.

In conclusion, Invictus Yacht is owned by Christian Grande, the visionary designer and founder of the brand. Invictus Yachts are manufactured in Italy by Cantieri Aschenez, a renowned shipyard with a long-standing reputation for excellence. With their innovative designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and commitment to customization, Invictus Yachts have become a symbol of luxury and style in the yachting industry. Whether you are looking for a sporty open boat or an elegant cruiser, Invictus Yacht offers a range of models to cater to every yachting enthusiast’s desires.

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